UPN 100 AND UPN 200 (hot rolled steel "U" channel)

 At first, have a customer want to purchase UPN 100 channel and UPN 120 channel from our company, but he do not believe we have European standard U (UPN, UNP) channels, and write a email to our sales, the content of email as below:

To ensure the appropriate size specifications whether can send images being done with Caliper measurement?

Now show UPN 100 and UPN 120 image with caliper measurement with our customers to prove we have European standard UPN steel section (profiles):

Standard UPN 100( hot rolled steel "U" channel) with taper flange size  : 100X50X6X8.5mm

UPN 100 hot steel u channel

Standard UPN 120( hot rolled steel "U" channel) with taper flange size : 120x55x7x9mmupn 120 hot rolled steel U channel


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