OneSteelMetals Co.,Ltd is a world-renowned modern integrated steel enterprises, specialized in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum manufacture, processing, sales and technical services in the field of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel. OneSteelMetals has the world's leading steel processing equipment, modern physical and chemical testing center and 9 major processing platforms including cutting, slitting, grinding, forming, welding, heat treatment, group, painting, machining. In 2016, the sales volume of stainless steel was 1.61 million tons ,1.15 million tons for carbon steel and 0.5 million tons for aluminum. The OneSteelMetals team are determined to create a national "manufacturing steel processing and distribution center" and "stainless steel, carbon steel spot supermarket chains. Many of the world's leading company cooperate with OneSteelMetals. There are more than 0.12 millions tons of stainless steel, 0.08 millions tons of carbon steel, 0.1 millions tons of aluminum in our standing steel stocks.



In the past few years, OneSteelMetals continues to invest in new professional opening and closing cold-formed production line to meet the diverse needs of the steel market. There are 20 cold-formed production lines, 3 slitting lines and drawing machines, heat treatment lines, presses and other sets of auxiliary equipment in OneSteelMetals. Meanwhile, it has internationally and domestically advanced-level spectrometer, impact testing machine, video measuring instrument and other testing equipment and online, offline non-destructive testing device.



Since 2001, OneSteelMetals l has continuously won the title of Shanghai Famous Brand. Since 2004 when OneSteelMetals began to be self-employed and exported, it has won thetrust of many overseas customers. It has been sold to over 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong in China, and Taiwan in China.



Our promise to all customers is to produce only the highest quality products, which include product appearance, production, and professional suggestions and to extending the traditional and regional trading works to the systematic, integrated and global business. All our products come at reasonable prices, whilst maintaining excellent quality. Some of the main reasons why we are at the top of our market is due to our professional workers, up-to-date factory, good equipmentand careful attention to detail. We committed to building reliable and effective business activities closely matching to clients’ needs. 

Sine 1980, we continuously obtained many certificates as following:


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